This South African-inspired restaurant has Georgia’s best to-go dish

Dining in has become an option again at many restaurants. But sometimes you want to take a meal to-go.

According to Eat This, Not That, several places around the nation have the best options for this. It said, “if you’re still all about that takeout life, there are plenty of spots you might not have truly (visited) yet that are offering up some truly delicious meals to-go.

The website recently compiled a list of the best to-go dishes in every state. Georgia’s top dish is one that can be found in Atlanta and Savannah.

Zunzi’s initially opened in Savannah at 108 East York Street in 2005. Founded by Gabriella and Johnny DeBeer, the spot has routinely had lines around the block.

“A fan favorite on review sites, Zunzi’s is a South African-inspired restaurant that’s known for its saucy sandwiches served on French bread. The Johnny Roll is a veggie sandwich, but carnivores will love it, too. It’s made with vegan ‘meatballs,’ hummus, mixed greens, grilled veggies, and is loaded with sauces,” Eat This, Not That said.

Zunzi’s is a takeout and catering restaurant that aims to “inspire others to become the best version of themselves.” On the 26th of every month, Zunzifest is held. From 11 a.m.- 5 p.m., patrons can pick up a free signature Conquistador sandwich. The French bread enveloped baked chicken, Romaine lettuce, tomato, Zunzi’s sauce and dressing sandwich was named the best one in Georgia by People magazine.

Zunzi’s Atlanta location is at 1971 Howell Mill Road. If you visit the Savannah location, you’ll be walking into the new one at 236 Drayton Street. The original location closed in May.

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