These Coca-Cola hacks could change your life

History of Atlanta's World of Coca-Cola.The original World of Coca-Cola opened in 1990 at Underground Atlanta. .In 2002, the company acquired 20 acres of land near Centennial Olympic Park.World of Coca‑Cola at Pemberton Place opened in 2007.In 2011, the Vault of the Secret Formula exhibit opened, where guests can see the vault where the Coke formula is kept.Since opening, more than 24 million guests from around the globe have visited the World of Coca-Cola, according to the company.In 2021, the attraction launched new VIP behind-the-scenes guided tours

Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Company’s world-famous soda has had quite the history since its introduction in 1886. Atlanta pharmacist John S. Pemberton originally touted the drink as a tonic, one containing cocaine and caffeine-rich extracts. The cocaine was removed from the recipe in 1903, and Coca-Cola has been a staple drink in American culture ever since.

Many customers have even found unexpected uses for the beverage, which has an acidic pH of roughly 2.7. Here are a few unexpected life hacks you can try with the world’s favorite soda:

Clean your toilet

According to Today, Coca-Cola can be an effective toilet cleaner. To try out this cleaning tip, pour Coca-Cola along the edges of the toilet bowl and let it soak overnight. In the morning, you will “wake up to a spotless toilet.”

CNET reported that this is a great way to remove grime and stains from your toilet bowl. However, it should be noted that Coke will clean stains, but doesn’t disinfect.

Fertilize your garden

Coca-Cola is a perfect fertilizer for gardenias, azaleas and grass.

“Pouring a small amount like 15-20 ml of Coca-Cola once in a while around the base of these plants can deliver helpful nutrients to the plants, resulting in better flowers!” Balcony Garden reported. “It can also be a good lawn fertilizer, promoting the growth of grass, thanks to the CO2 content and plants love it! As soda drinks also have traces of potassium, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and sodium, they contribute to the overall growth of the foliage.”

Braise your meats

Coca-Cola can be a huge help in the kitchen for those looking for a way to up their barbecue game. Adding Coca-Cola to a traditional braise, in place of red wine, for a brisket or pot roast can add a sweetness to your final product, Southern Kitchen reported. Reducing the cooking liquid after removing the meat can introduce more of the soda’s spiced flavors as well.

Remove rust and loosen bolts

According to Car Hop, Coca-Cola can dissolve metal oxides and break up rust due with its carbonation. While the soda works more slowly than your average rust remover, it can be a cheaper alternative for loosening rusted bolts.

To remove rust with Coca-Cola, you will need to follow a few steps.

  1. Pour the soda onto the rust and gently rub the area with folded over aluminum foil.
  2. Once pieces begin to flake off, you can switch over to a sponge and repeat the process.
  3. After the rust has been successfully removed, clean off the Coca-Cola from the affected area with soap and water.