5 Valentine’s date ideas that are better than a dinner and a movie

Try something new this Valentine’s day and tap into your creative side.

Ideas for Celebrating, Valentine's Day at Home.While the pandemic may limit your public options for celebrating Valentine's Day with your partner, .these suggestions are perfect in-home alternatives to help make the day special.1, Treat each other to breakfast in bed.Make the morning special with a thoughtful spread. Presentation can push even simple scrambled eggs to the next level.2, Have a chocolate fondue night.Microwavable fondue kits can help make the day fancy without a lot of expense or cleanup.3, Try an indoor picnic.A bottle of champagne and some imported food can help to provide a romantic picnic at home.4. , Get creative.Virtual cooking or painting classes are a great way to get those creative juices flowing with your partner.5, Do an in-home spa day.Bubble baths, massages and hydrating face masks can set the day apart and create connections with your valentine.

When it comes to planning the perfect Valentine’s day, why not do something out of the ordinary?

While there’s nothing wrong with the classic dinner and a movie, there are other options that leave room for conversation and a great experience. Here are five fun and out of the box ideas that are perfect for Valentine’s day:

Tik Tok “pick date” trend

While TikTok trends usually come with a disclaimer, this trend is not only cute, but creative and fun too. The “pick date” trend is simple: You just write down two date night options, then have your partner pick one at random and you’ve got your plans for the night.

Start a relationship bucket list

Bucket lists are a great way to get to know your partner more. With this option, you can ask deeper questions and learn about your partners wants in the relationship. This is also a great ice breaker when it comes to asking the bigger questions about your relationship.


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Credit: Natural Beach Living Pinterest

Dance class

Dance classes are not only intimate, but extremely fun. Whether you have two left feet or hips like Shakira, dance classes can be done in person or online.

Take a sunrise hike

The temperature may still be a little chilly, but there’s nothing more romantic than watching the sun rise or set over over a beautiful natural backdrop. Georgia has plenty of hidden gems and amazing sites to see, from Laurel Ridge Trail to the North Rim Trail and everything in between.

Cooking class

There are plenty of places to help find cooking classes, like Cozy Meal, which offers various cuisine options from around the world. The best part about Cozy Meal and other cooking classes is that they also offer in-person options in case you prefer a comfy night at home.