Survey: Georgia ranked No. 35 for ‘most romantic state’

Wise Voter ranking sees Georgia struggle in romance department

According to a new ranking from data crunching site Wise Voter, Georgia struggles in the romance department, at least compared to other states.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Wise Voter released their findings on the most romantic states. The rankings were based on each state’s marriage and divorce rates, as well as communication styles like whether people use cheerful emojis. Nevada took the top spot in the rankings, while Kentucky came last.

“Nevada is the clear winner of our State of Romance index, boasting the highest marriage rate in the country combined with a relatively low divorce rate (10.66%),” explained the site.

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Along with all the happy emojis and wedding chapels, Nevada is also in the top five states for amount of money spent celebrating Valentine’s Day.

“Its high marriage rate coupled with its positive communication scores suggest a community devoted to maintaining healthy relationships over time,” the authors wrote.

Rounding out the top ten most romantic states were Hawaii, Florida, California, Washington, Massachusetts, Utah, Maryland, Connecticut and Vermont.

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Georgia’s low ranking was mainly a result of the state’s divorce rate, which is among the highest in the nation.