How to participate in the rise of gardening using what you have

Amina Robinson, who works in customer service for Delta, tends the Habesha community garden pruning kale in the Mechanicsville neighborhood Thursday, April 9, 2020. Amina took a training class at the garden last year. "It really is coming into good use," she said. "I need to get out here in the earth." (Jenni Girtman for Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Credit: Jenni Girtman

Credit: Jenni Girtman

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In this episode of accessAtlanta, AJC reporter Rosalind Bentley discusses the surge of interest in gardening amid the pandemic.

Bentley discussed how plant companies and nurseries have responded to the new public demand. Plus, whether you’re worried about the food supply chain or need a hobby to destress, there are ways to garden whether or not you are surrounded by green space.

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