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Jennifer Garner says "Miracles from Heaven" led her back to church

Jennifer Garner says filming "Miracles from Heaven" in metro Atlanta inspired her to start going to church again.

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Image: Good Morning Texas


Jennifer Garner movie “Miracles from Heaven” filmed in Covington

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck work and play in Atlanta

"I grew up going to church every Sunday of my life," the mom of three said during an interview to promote the film on Good Morning Texas. "When I did move to L.A. it wasn’t something that was just part of the culture there in the same way. It didn’t mean that I lost who I was. There was something about doing this film and talking to my kids about it and realizing that they were looking for the structure of church every Sunday. It was a great gift of this film that it took us back to finding our local Methodist church and going every Sunday. It’s really sweet."

The movie, released March 16, is based on a memoir by Christy Beam. Her daughter Annabel was diagnosed with a rare and debilitating intestinal disorder. Following an accidental fall from a tree, Annabel was found to be free from the disorder, a recovery that baffled doctors. Her mother calls it a miracle.

The movie was set in Texas but filmed here. Here's the trailer:

"There’s a beautiful line in the movie that really resonates with me: 'I don’t know where my faith is right now,'" Garner said. "I’ve struggled with faith and I’ve struggled without it and I’ll tell you it’s a whole lot easier with."

Beam said she was immediately impressed at how Garner embraced her memoir at was at peace with being portrayed by the actress.

"Be encouraged that there is a bigger plan," Beam said, asked for the message she hopes the movie will send. "It’s all mapped out and you don’t know the ending."

Garner had inspiring words as well:

"Joy comes from the smallest things and if you don’t see joy in a perfect avocado or a great conversation or in running into a friend or getting a job .. if you don’t see joy in a perfectly beautiful tree in the autumn than you are missing your chance at happiness," she said. "If you don’t find it in the small things and you only wait for big moments than you’ll just not be be a happy person."

Jennifer Garner portrays Christy Beam in "Miracles From Heaven," which was filmed in metro Atlanta. Image: Good Morning Texas

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