VOTE: Best late-night spot in Dunwoody

Here are the results of this month's Best of Sandy Springs poll.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is committed to continuing our normal features, where appropriate, during the coronavirus outbreak. For full coverage of the outbreak in Atlanta, please check our Coronavirus News Section. We have decided to continue Best of Dunwoody voting for the time being, despite social distancing. We encourage our readers to support local businesses after the authorities loosen the social distancing rules — along with supporting those businesses that offer delivery or pickup during the outbreak.

The coronavirus pandemic might have put a damper on most late-night plans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reminisce about the past or plan for the future.

ExploreWinner: Best brunch spot in Dunwoody | Best of Dunwoody

When it comes to nightlife, Dunwoody residents have quite a few options to choose from. From breweries to bars, taverns and more, the latest Best of Dunwoody poll wants to know where you like to venture out for some late-night fun.

Don’t see your favorite on our list? Submit a write-in nominee to If enough people suggest your favorite, we’ll add it to our poll. The winner will be announced October 2.