You’ll never guess what most people leave behind in airports

Unclaimed Baggage’s wild and wacky ‘Found Report’ of 2023 might surprise you

Buckle up, travelers. The first-ever “Found Report” by Unclaimed Baggage has landed, and it’s packed with fascinating details about the most bizarre, valuable and everyday items discovered in airports and lost luggage throughout 2023.

This unique report also serves as a time capsule, reflecting the ever-changing preferences and lifestyles of travelers nationwide.

“These bags are a glimpse into 2023. From the surge in Taylor Swift t-shirts to an array of Nintendo Switch games and Stanley water bottles, each item our team uncovered tells a story of its own,” said Jennifer Kritner, vice president of retail and company culture at Unclaimed Baggage.

If you’ve ever wondered what secrets lie hidden in those orphaned suitcases, get ready for some wild surprises. Here are some of the findings.

Among the top 40 most fascinating items found are two live snakes, two Hermes Birkin bags, a jar of shark teeth and even an opened bottle of “snake wine”.

Noteworthy abandoned treasures include a stunning 14-karat gold diamond ring valued at an astounding $37,050, alongside Cartier watches and Givenchy dresses. And here’s a head-scratcher: More men’s wedding rings were forgotten than women’s.

But it’s not all glitz and glamour in the world of lost luggage. For reasons we don’t want to know, more people leave behind underwear than any other item. That garment is followed by shoes, tablets, e-readers and shirts. And when it comes to footwear, Nike reigns supreme, making up about 14% of all shoes unpacked this year.

Pop culture also left its mark on travelers’ packing lists. Taylor Swift fans, aka Swifties, must have been devastated to lose their Eras Tour merch, while the “Barbie” movie inspired a surge in pretty pink apparel. It seems “sad beige core” is out, and fun, colorful clothing is in.

Speaking of trends, 2023 was the year of streetwear and vintage fashion in the world of lost luggage. Supreme, Fear of God Essentials and BAPE topped the list of most common streetwear brands, while vintage designer handbags from Coach, Louis Vuitton and Gucci were increasingly popular.

To avoid becoming a lost luggage statistic, remember to tag your bags with your contact information. You never know when your suitcase might embark on an unexpected adventure without you.