The Indigo Girls talk ‘Barbie,’ motherhood and doing their own thing

Atlanta's own Indigo Girls are this weeks guests on "The Monica Pearson Show."

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

Atlanta's own Indigo Girls are this weeks guests on "The Monica Pearson Show."

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, the Grammy Award winning duo best known as the Indigo Girls, may be worldwide sensations, but they still feel like the little girls who met in elementary school.

Monica gets the details on their upcoming performance at the Fox Theatre and what it feels like for the musicians to perform in their hometown, in front of friends and family.

After 15 studio albums and years of adversity, Ray and Saliers, who are both lesbians, share how singles like “Galileo” and “The Power of Two” weren’t played on the radio, a struggle they also tackle in their documentary “Indigo Girls: It’s Only Life After All.” So they built a community of fans outside the system that has stuck with them for more than three decades.

“We always were like, let’s just do our own thing and, you know, screw them,” said Ray.

In 2023, they were stunned to learn a song they released 34 years ago would be featured not once but three times in Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster hit, “Barbie.” Hear their thoughts on the movie and why one of them required subtitles.

Find out if Saliers and Ray, both mothers of daughters, played with Barbies when they were young and find out the name they almost went with before Ray found “indigo” in the dictionary.

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