Taco Bell removing 5 fan favorites from its value menu

The move makes room for new, meal-sized offerings

Taco Bell is starting the new year with a bang by removing five fan-favorites from its cravings value menu.

According to a press release, the popular food chain revamped its value menu to feature more satiating, meal-sized items.

The four menu items that have officially been discontinued are: the chipotle ranch grilled chicken burrito, beefy melt burrito, fiesta veggie burrito, and classic combo.

As for the fifth item, the cinnamon twists will be leaving the value menu but will be available on the “drinks and sweets” section.

While Taco Bell waves farewell to some fan favorites, the new additions to the value menu are said to be “beefier” and will leave customers feeling fuller longer.

  • Double-stacked taco ($1.99): This is a crunchy taco shell filled with beef, fiesta strips, lettuce and cheddar cheese. It is wrapped in a soft tortilla filled with nacho cheese sauce.
  • Stacker ($2.19): A tortilla filled with beef, nacho cheese sauce and a three-cheese blend.
  • 3-cheese chicken flatbread melt ($2.29): A flatbread stuffed with grilled chicken, creamy chipotle sauce and a three-cheese blend.
  • Chicken enchilada burrito ($2.49): A burrito with grilled chicken, rice, red sauce, three-cheese blend and reduced-fat sour cream.
  • Loaded beef nachos ($2.99): Chips topped with beef, beans, nacho cheese sauce, red sauce, reduced fat sour cream and guacamole.

The discontinuation of the items and the addition of others started this month nationwide.