Meet the owners and chefs behind three Filipino restaurants in Atlanta

The owners of Estrellita, Kamayan ATL and Adobo ATL joined the accessAtlanta podcast to discuss Filipino and Filipino-American cuisine

Credit: Chris Hunt

Credit: Chris Hunt

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This week, we discuss a cuisine that’s making its mark on Atlanta. The restaurant scene has struggled during the pandemic, but you can never count out such a vibrant melting pot. You’ll find the cuisine of so many countries and ethnic groups here in our city and the people who bring us this culinary diversity are among those helping to keep us fed in these difficult times.

Our dining editor Ligaya Figueras noticed that one in particular, Filipino-American food, was on the upswing. It’s a cuisine that has special meaning to her. She joins us to discuss this welcome trend and brings us her interviews with some of the people who are making it happen: the people behind the Estrellita, Kamayan ATL and Adobo pop ups and restaurants.

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