Burger King celebrates the Whopper with 37 cent throwback

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Two-day deal for loyalty program members marks 64th birthday of BK’s signature burger

It’s the Whopper’s birthday, but Burger King is giving you the gift.

To celebrate the 64th birthday of its signature sandwich, BK is offering its flame-grilled burger for the original price of 37 cents this Friday and Saturday.

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The deal can be redeemed by members of the Burger King Royal Perks loyalty program through the app or website. There is a limit of one burger per account.

“In 1957, Burger King changed the game with the introduction of the Whopper sandwich,” Zahra Nurani, head of marketing communications for Burger King North America, said in a statement.

And because “special orders don’t upset us,” as BK’s commercials once said, there are 1,024 potential burger combinations you can order.

Burger King added the coupon for a 37 cent burger has to be added before placing your order, and this deal can’t be combined with others.

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