Watch: Monica Pearson interviews the chefs behind an Atlanta Michelin-star restaurant

Ron Hsu And Aaron Phillips of Lazy Betty on their ethos and origin story.

Credit: The Monica Pearson Show

The chefs of Atlanta restaurant Lazy Betty have been anything but lazy. Join Monica Pearson as she learns what it takes to earn the coveted Michelin Star.

This week on “The Monica Pearson Show,” Monica dishes with the men behind Lazy Betty, a high-profile restaurant in Atlanta that just nabbed a coveted Michelin star.

Ron Hsu and Aaron Phillips earned their chops together at New York’s Le Bernardin over a decade ago. Hsu always intended to return home to Atlanta to open a restaurant, and Phillips happily joined him.

“It was 72 degrees in February, and I said, ‘the weather is great, let’s do this’,” said Phillips.

Together they’ve launched a handful of Atlanta restaurants, like Juniper, Humble Pie, and TKO, but it all began with Lazy Betty, named in honor of Hsu’s mother.

The renowned chefs reveal details about an upcoming move and explain why they chose a tasting menu over a traditional menu.

“I compare our restaurant to a music album,” said Hsu. “The tasting menu is the whole album. It takes you through a journey, whereas one track from the album gives you a snapshot. Come to Lazy Betty and we curate a three-to-four-hour experience for you.”

Hsu and Philips share glimpses of their young budding chefs at home and divulge their true feelings about “scattered, smothered, and covered” delicacies.

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