Taste Test: These retro gourmet pockets make kids' lunches easy

Today, Ligaya and Yvonne are trying Jafflz, which are toasted pockets full of Mac’ n Cheese, Ham, Egg & Cheese and many other flavors.

If, like so many parents, monitoring your kids' e-learning has you down, the last thing you want to do is think about what to serve for lunch.

Jafflz, which bills itself as a “gourmet retro pocket sandwich that is a perfect healthy snack for the on the go,” was created by mom and chef Meryl van der Merwe, who wanted a more health-conscious choice for her kids.

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Jafflz come in six varieties. / Courtesy of Jafflz
Jafflz come in six varieties. / Courtesy of Jafflz

The pockets come in six varieties: Sloppy Joe, Mac N' Cheese, Indian Curry, Ham Egg and Cheese, Enchilada and Cheese Pizza. Find out what we thought of the flavors we tried in the video above.

Want to try Jafflz? You can order them online here.

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