Stock Up: Three different ways to enjoy cheesy flavor

We’re big fans of cheese. This week, we’re sharing news of one cheese in a new form, a second cheese that’s a traditional favorite, and another that’s a tasty vegan version.

Folios cheese wraps

Cheese in a sandwich, yes. Cheese as the wrap for a sandwich? What? Until we tried Folios cheese wraps, we just couldn’t get our minds around how cheese would work as the outside of a sandwich. Or, that what is basically a slice of cheese could go into the microwave for 1 minute and come out as a crisp cracker. But, it’s all true. The wraps come in cheddar, Parmesan and Jarlsberg. We had the most fun when we heated a Parmesan wrap in the microwave, then quickly removed it and draped it over a bowl. In another minute, the cheese had cooled and taken the shape of the bowl, and now we had an edible container for our summer salad. Brilliant, fun and eaten down to the last, tasty bite. They worked perfectly as sandwich wraps, too, especially when we matched a cheddar wrap with thinly sliced ham and slices of avocado. What we really loved: The only ingredient is cheese. How delicious is that?

$4.99-$5.99 per 6-ounce package. Available at Publix and Walmart; available in a 10-count package at Costco for $8.99. More information at



Vegan Parmesan from Parma

Shannon Schnibbe of Sister River Foods in Central Point, Oregon, has created a vegan version of Parmesan that strikes us as a great topping for all kinds of savory dishes. She named her creation Parma, and it’s made of nutritional yeast, sunflower seeds, walnuts and hemp seeds, seasoned with Himalayan salt. The first thing we thought of when we tried this nutty mix was that it would be great on popcorn, and that’s the first suggested use on the bottle. But, really, it would be delicious on salads, avocado toast, or anywhere you want that umami boost. We also enjoyed the recipe for vegan artichoke dip. While our testers didn’t think Parma was a one-on-one substitute for Parmesan, they all said they could see using it in pretty much any recipe that calls for Parmesan. There are four versions, including one that includes garlic, kelp, basil and oregano in the mix. Even if you’re not eating vegan, we think this is worth space in your pantry.

$8.50 per 3.5-ounce jar. Available at the Spicy Peach, Bread Beckers in Woodstock, DeKalb Farmers Market and Ambridge House in Acworth, and at



Gayo Azul Dutch Gouda

We are big fans of Gouda. Nutty, sweet, mild enough for a whole range of uses, it’s a cheese we’ve been known to import from Europe, back when overseas travel was a regular thing. We’re not the only fans of this Dutch cheese. Gayo Azul has been providing Gouda and Edam for Caribbean customers since the 1950s. The distinctive label with a blue rooster also can be found in the Atlanta area, on packages of queso blanco and cheese slices. One of our favorite treats is a papa rellena, an appetizer or main course of a potato-and-cheese shell wrapped around seasoned ground beef, and then fried. We used some of our Gayo Azul Gouda to make a batch of these. Then, we melted some into a Cuban sandwich (Gouda melts so beautifully). Finally, we finished off the last bit on a mini-cheese board. It’s like the perfect cheese for so many uses and tastes. From 2-year-olds to septuagenarians, everyone seems to be a fan.

$9.99 per 8-ounce piece. Available at Publix. For information:

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