Gwinnett Braves announce finalists for team renaming contest

After weeding through 4,024 submissions and 900 different names, the Gwinnett Braves released the final six names for the G-Braves renaming contest on Thursday.

The final six options are the Gwinnett Buttons, the Gwinnett Big Mouths, the Gwinnett Gobblers, Gwinnett Hush Puppies, Gwinnett Lambchops and the Gwinnett Sweet Teas.

The “Buttons” and “Big Mouths” were chosen by the G-Braves selection committee, Atlanta Braves staff members and branding partner Brandiose because of the connection to Gwinnett and Georgia history while the “Gobblers”, “Hush Puppies”, “Lambchops” and “Sweet Teas” were chosen to resemble the culture of the South.

"(The contest) definitely got a bigger response than I anticipated," G-Braves general manager North Johnson said, according to the Gwinnett Daily Post. "One thing I always think about is how relevant are we in the marketplace. Sometimes we take a backseat to other things in the market. The more than 4,000 submissions and 900 names gave us a lot of renewed energy. It wasn't just Gwinnett County. Folks all over the region were submitting names and were engaged in the process."

The Atlanta Braves announced the contest to rename their Triple-A minor league baseball affiliate in May.

Fans can vote on their favorite of the six team names from Thursday through July 24 on the G-Braves’ website.

Gwinnett Braves general manager North Johnson said the selection committee most likely will not make a final decision until late-October or early-November, according to the Gwinnett Daily Post.