Here's what Dan Quinn had to say after the 24-7 loss to the Titans:

Opening statement: "It is a tough loss, and we're as disappointed as our fans are. This is a tough loss and a team that has a lot of pride and had the preparation right to go. We haven't delivered on our performances. I told them we've been through one quarter. Where we sit is at 1-3, and that's not acceptable for the standards we set for one another. We intend on getting that fixed. It will be work to do that, but that's what we intend on doing."

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On Derrick Henry and the Falcons' defensive performance: "Number one, we knew that was going to be a factor for sure. We were disappointed we didn't get some of the stops there. The touchdown passes, certainly, the long ones hurt, for sure. On some of them, even the explosive pass that wasn't a score, it's something we had worked in drills. Not to deliver on those definitely hurt. I thought Tru [Desmond Trufant], for three games, he played as well as he can. For him, nobody feels that more than him. He's ready to reset and battle for it again. They tested him another time or two for sure, and he certainly responded:

On why there is poor execution after productive preparation: "You look at everything. When you're sitting at 1-3, you want to make sure you're finding the answers. What we had talked about is whatever role that is, the game, the unit, the position, collectively as a team, those are the things that we're going to dig deep into before we get started on our preparation and take it on the road. There's nobody more frustrated and upset than us. We're putting the work in, but we don't deliver on the results. You want to find that process and tweak it how we need to, and we'll continue to do that."

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On whether or not there need to be drastic changes made: "I would say radical meaning like our intensity or preparation part? I wouldn't say radical, but I would say, 'Yeah.' When you're not performing well, you look at everything. Whether that's role or featuring players or however you need to address it, you do. You can't have the one-offs… 'except for, other than this play, in between the 20,' all those things are just excuses to me. We'll make sure that we dig in hard to the areas that need it, and we're nowhere near the team we can be, and we're pissed about where we're at after the first quarter, just like the fans are. The good thing, we're the ones that get to fix it, and we certainly intend on doing that."

On not converting on fourth-and-one twice:  "I think you answered your own question. Yeah, I was pissed. That's something that we want to have the ability to do, and we'll certainly go there more. I know at times that's a play and a situation that we like, but we didn't deliver on that tonight."

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On whether or not he considers his defense to be a 'simple' one to play: "I would say that scheme-wise there's a lot of simplicity to it. I would say the technique, like anything, takes a lot of training to get right. I would say it's not exotic if that's what you mean."

On whether or not the Falcons' defense was out of position or attempting to play a complex system: "Certainly not from a complex part of it. On the first pass play, it was man-to-man that they scored a touchdown. Regular man-to-man defense, nothing unusual or that on the one to Tru [Desmond Trufant]. On the one to Isaiah [Oliver], it was a zone pressure where he was onto the sideline and didn't finish the play where the guy scored. That one deep-explosive pass that was a zone-defensive play was the one to go back. I would say if you asked the players, those were ones they'd say they played and done. As it goes into anything, we're going to make sure, we're going to dig hard to find the best thing, the best spots. I didn't have that sense that you did from looking up top that it was out — you know, not in sync or out of whack in any way. I'll look at it tomorrow and see if it's something we can revisit."

On continuing to address the penalty situation: "For sure, it was one of the topics we had from last week. We'll continue on the same path of adding officials into our practice. I'll have to look at the ones with Tyeler [Davison]. I don't get a view of the ones of the hands to the face you guys may have up in the press box to see the fouls on Ty [Tyeler Davison], on the one inside. On the one for [Alex] Mack, I think that's definitely one we can fix because that's one I don't think he has to at the end. I think it was a personal foul on the one with Mack."

On how to generate more of a pass rush: "Well, you look to be in some of the third downs that favor that or some of the second downs that do that. Some spot pressure, some with the four-man rush. Those are generally the way to do that. For us specifically, there's times I thought — I'll have to go back and look to see — sacks only or pressures and hits? That's what I generally would look at and see did we affect the quarterback? It means that I feel like there were times where we didn't, but I want to make sure I look at all the way through before I can answer that fully."

On the Falcons' slow start: "I wish I had a real clear answer for that, but the fact is that is the truth. We'll make sure — we went back to get it tied up and then went behind again at the half. We'll look at that hard. I addressed some things on that from last week, but obviously we still have work to do. Like I told the team inside, we're not where we want to be, and there's things that need our attention, and we're just the ones to do it. We'll put that onto the list because we're not playing like we're capable of, and we certainly intend on doing that when we hit the road. I came in first and said it's a tough loss. We're as upset as the fans are. That way they had good energy for us to start off. For us to start that slowly, we're disappointed as well."