Julio Jones on Justin Hardy: ‘He’ll be ready’

Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones addressed the media today. Here are some excerpts, edited for clarity:

Q: Will your wide receiver depth be tested this week?

A: We've got that mindset around here, one man down the next man up. You are one play away. Justin Hardy, he is going to come out and play if (necessary).

Q: What will fans see from backup wide receiver Justin Hardy?

A: He will be ready. He's definitely going to be ready. He comes to practice every day. He's got a great motor, and he listens.

Q: What are you expecting from Tampa Bay’s secondary?

A: game planning. They have to deal with us so they are going to move things around to give us fits. You don’t’ know what you are going to get. They are a very talented secondary. They’ve got a lot of guys to move around, run and hit and their front seven is pretty good as well.

Q: Last year you scored 56 points against the Buccaneers. How different are they from last year?

A: Last year is last year. They are definitely a different ball club and we are a different ball club. We've just got to go out there and do what we do. That starts with practice. We have to be on top of our game as far as our keys.

Q: Are division games more important?

A: It's important because it's the next game. You can't look at it like that because your ball is going to go up and down with divisional opponents. 'Oh, I have to get up for this week' and then you are down the next week. We go at every opponent the same. We've just got to practice better and carry it on to the game.

Q: You won NFC offensive player of the month in September and now Devonta Freeman won it this month. What does it mean to have two guys win it back-to-back?

A: It's our offense, especially our offensive line, allowing Matt to do what he needs to do and opening up holes for Devonta. Obviously he's a great back. We have a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball.