New Falcon Marlon Davidson is confident

Tulane running back Amare Jones is tackled for a loss by Auburn defensive end Marlon Davidson (3). (AP Photo/Butch Dill, File)
Tulane running back Amare Jones is tackled for a loss by Auburn defensive end Marlon Davidson (3). (AP Photo/Butch Dill, File)

Credit: Butch Dill

Credit: Butch Dill

Here’s what Falcons defensive tackle/end Marlon Davidson had to say on a conference call with the Atlanta media after being selected in the second round of the NFL draft on Friday:

On the Falcons calling him today: "I'm glad they called, I'm glad they called, I'm glad they called."

On his career at Auburn: "This is a blessing, man. This is a blessing. Shows that hard work pays off. This is all I ever wanted, all I ever wanted."

On his hometown Greenville, Alabama:
"The town is like, man, it's rural. It's very country. It's very everything. Off the interstate -- come out there and have a party and every day we're going to say rise up because we're the best."

On the position he thinks he will play for the Falcons: "I'm a versatile guy, so I can play it all. Wherever they put me, I'm here to do it and I'm here to stay because I'm just that versatile with my talent."

On his pass-rush skills: "I can do it all. Coming from off the edge, I can do whatever move you want me to. I just feel like I'm that type of athlete. I feel like I'm that type of player -- when I step on the field, I feel like I'm the best. Going to get the best out of me every snap. That's who I am."

On the part of his game that he advanced the most last year: "Well, I advanced in me, the person I am. My character, my want for the game, everything about me. I improved everything. Every little aspect of my game, from my freshman year to my senior year, I became better. I feel like I peaked and I'm just the best right now. I feel like I'm the best right now."

On the promise he made to his mom before she passed away: "The promise I made to my mother… she was in the hospital. My mother sacrificed so much for me, and not having a dad in my life -- for me to be the person that I am today and to show people that I am the best -- whatever she wants, so she could get her dream. It's her dream. This is our dream and we're going to do it, I told her. She's not going to want for anything -- my Lord Jesus Christ. This is a blessing for my family and we're going to strive to be the best."

On where he gets his confidence as a football player from: "I instill confidence. I instill passion. I instill heart. I instill everything you want in a football player as a man and everything. That's me. I mean, I wake up every day thinking about being the best. I woke up at four o'clock this morning and couldn't go to sleep because I was mad because I didn't go first round. I'm waking up at four o'clock. I ain't been asleep all day, man. I've been waiting on this call and I got it and now I'm going to give everything I can to the organization. I'm going to give everything I possibly can and leave everything on the field, every game, and show that they did not mess up by picking Marlon Davidson at all; they didn't."

On whether or not he feels like he has something to prove: "Yeah, I do. I feel like that, but man, the Falcons, they picked the best they could -- but man, they got some great guys. Again, Clemson -- and we both -- coming to get anybody, the defense is going to be good next year, I promise you that."

On meeting Dan Quinn: "I mean, the perfect guy, man. He's a Godly man. He's a family man and that's everything I want to be for my family and my future kids. He's one of those down-to-earth type of guys. He was quiet to me, but man, he was passionate about the job. You always want to play for somebody like that who loves football."

On when he told his mom he wanted to be in the NFL: "I told my mom I was going to buy her a house, the biggest house she ever wanted, whatever team -- I come from Alabama and be able to show people, man, I am Marlon Davidson and I'm coming here to stay. I am coming here to show people that I am the best. You know what I mean, my mom -- she didn't want anything from me, but I told her she was going to get everything she ever wanted, the biggest house, just the love for the game. That's just all about me. That's me."

On whether or not the promise he made to his mom is a driving force: "Every day I look on the side of me and there's a picture of my mother. It's on my phone. It's on my shelf. It's in my folks' house, wherever I go, I have a picture of my mama because that's who got me to this point. I am wearing a picture of my mama on my chest now because she helped me get here, and if she didn't have me and bring me into this world, I wouldn't be here. All my respect goes to that lady. She is my queen. She will always be. She will always be my person to build for."

On his conversation with Quinn about his versatility: "They didn't give me anything because I can play it all. Wherever they want me to be, that's where I'm going to be. If they want me to be 285, 280, make a big end on the edge, I can do it all. I have that repertoire in me. Whatever they want me to be, that's what I'm going to be. I'm coming to Atlanta and coming with everything I've got in me and I want to give everything I can to that organization."

On preparing for the draft during quarantine:
"A lot of phone calls, a lot of different coaches, talking to them and doing things like that. The preparation doesn't change the schedule. Go in there, work out, give it your best -- put your best foot forward and show people that you don't have to post everything to show that you're working. You can work in silence and I'm the type of guy that I'm going to grind. I'm going to show people that I'm the best."

On the comments he made at the NFL Combine about why he loves football: "That came like, whoa, like this is real; it is real, this is who I am. I come out to the combine and show that's who I was. Being able to play with my older cousin on the football field with no pads -- and I'm going to continue to show it."

On his reaction to finding out he would be playing in the NFL: "I told them that I've been waiting on them forever; I'm glad they called. They ain't have to tell me nothing else, man. Patch me in, call my name, I'm coming. First plane, first ride, whatever I can, I'm coming to Atlanta."

On who was with him when he received the call: "My family. My friends, my cousin, my aunt and my brothers. We were here. We heard the call and stuff. I had a lot of people outside. Different houses, different things like that, making sure we stay under quarantine and different things like that. Man, I'm here now. I'm going to rise up to the occasion and going to play for Atlanta; do everything I can."

On his accomplishments during his senior season at Auburn: "I mean, I accomplished everything. Come from my third year, not doing as much as I can and not showing people who I really am; I feel like I showed people that I was dominant. I showed people that I am the best and continue to show people that I am the best. No one can tell me how good I am. I'm going to tell everybody how good I am when I come there to the Atlanta Falcons and show people that I am a good athlete. I'm a good football player and that I'm here to stay."

On whether or not playing in the SEC prepared him for the NFL: "I mean, it prepared me every day. Andrew Thomas, the Isaiah Wilsons, all these guys, man, I've been doing this. I've been out there. Man, it's just the start of something new, you know what I mean? I'm coming out here, I've been playing SEC all my life and I'm going to continue to show people that I'm one of those types of guy and I'm going to try to become "the" guy."

On what Auburn assistant Rodney Garner means to him: "He's my father. He's my everything. Man, he's -- he drives me crazy sometimes but man, I love that man to death. I'm glad that I had him in my life. I'm glad that he showed me the ropes and showed me success. Coach Garner is my all, man. I love that dude, a lot. I love him a lot, like he's my father, I really do."

On whether or not he feels like he can wreak havoc in the backfield: "Yes, I can. I see on the screen that we were tied for second and I say "we" because I am a part of the organization. Time for clicking -- sacks in the league last year. You know, man, I'm going to contribute to it and try to be the player they want me to be and the coaching staff and make sure I choose the right fit."

On Grady Jarrett: "I mean, of course, I played with the Falcons in the game [Madden] this year. Playing under Julio Jones and Matt Ryan, I played with these guys. I know this team. I mean, Deion Jones. Grady Jarrett, being able to be small in comparison to everybody else -- he wasn't going to be this great player, but you know what I mean? Him showing everybody that he's great. Man, I watched this every day playing in the game. Of course, I want to play with Grady Jarrett."

On being division rivals with his former teammate, Derrick Brown: "What do you mean, what are my thoughts on that? He's going down. That's my brother, but it's time for him to go down, that's it."

On one of his "Marlon Davidson quotes": "Well, you know, as I'm telling everybody, I knew when they pulled me out of the womb I was destined for greatness. I'm 100 percent Marlon Davidson. I'm 100 percent proud of Marlon Davidson. I'm the best. I'm going to continue to be the best. Whenever you see Marlon Davidson come up in the spot, man, know he's one of those type of guys. You know he's coming here to bring havoc."


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