Waller contributes in return from suspension

Georgia Tech continued to give younger and less experienced players playing time. Backup offensive linemen Errin Joe, Thomas O’Reilly and Shamire Devine saw playing time, Joe in particular in the second half at left tackle in place of Bryan Chamberlain.

The three players suspended for the first two games of the season, wide receiver Darren Waller, A-back Dennis Andrews and cornerback Lynn Griffin, all played. Waller caught two passes, one for a four-yard touchdown pass and a deft 26-yard catch on the sideline that converted a third down.

Waller said that on his touchdown, coach Paul Johnson picked up that the cornerback was blitzing on the short side of the field. On his scoring play, an A-back looped out of the backfield on Waller’s slide, bringing in the cornerback and allowing Waller to slip relatively free into the end zone, where quarterback Justin Thomas found him for the score.

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