Tech players can’t forget Georgia’s flag

Georgia players plant the Georgia flag in Grant Field after beating Georgia Tech 13-7 in a football game on Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015, in Atlanta. Curtis Compton /

Georgia Tech’s Brant Mitchell said “he can’t forget” Georgia’s players planting a flag with a giant “G” in the Grant Field turf following last year’s 13-7 win in Atlanta.

“That’s one thing that doesn’t leave you,” the linebacker said. “It does not leave you. There’s a lot of hatred built up this past year and a lot of motivation to go out there and take it to them.”

The two teams will renew their rivalry on Saturday in Sanford Stadium.

Senior defensive tackle Pat Gamble said that flag was also his memory from the game.

“That’s what I keep in my mind,” he said.

Gamble wouldn’t say if the players will plant a “GT” flag between the hedges should the Yellow Jackets win.

“We will see what happens; I’m not going to say too much,” he said. “Let’s let it play out.”

Tech coach Paul Johnson said Georgia’s flag-planting didn’t bother him any more than the Yellow Jackets players taking home some of the hedges when they won in Athens in 2014 or ‘08.

Johnson said the first time he led Tech to Athens in 2008 he asked the players not to take any of the hedges.

“To me, expect to win the next time you go; you don’t have to get them this time,” Johnson said. “That’s kids. They want to plant signs or flags and when we win our guys go for the hedges. It’s just kind of the way it is.”

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