New uniform combination for Georgia Tech in TaxSlayer Bowl

Georgia Tech will give its fans a new uniform look for the TaxSlayer Bowl.

The Yellow Jackets will wear white helmets, gold jerseys and white pants in Saturday’s bowl game against Kentucky. It will be the first time that Tech has worn its alternate white “honeycomb” helmets in a bowl game since they debuted in 2012 and the first time that the Jackets have worn gold jerseys in a game since 2012.

“It’s a switch-up,” punter Ryan Rodwell said. “I am excited. I haven’t worn a gold jersey, I don’t think, since my freshman year (when) we wore the gold honeycombs. It’ll be a nice change-up. It’ll look pretty good.”

Tech actually has never worn the particular gold jersey that players will wear against Kentucky. Tech had them for four years, but the team has worn either white or navy in every game since then. The last time Tech wore gold in a bowl game was, coincidentally, in the 2007 Gator Bowl (at the end of the 2006 season).

The team’s seniors voted on the combination.

“I’m pretty sure it was initiated by Harrison (Butker),” Rodwell said. “He always likes to take the uniforms and stuff like that. He’ll run it by all the other players and, of course, all of us get excited when we wear something new and different from the white we normally wear.”

Tech will draw a contrast with Kentucky, which will wear blue helmets and blue jerseys. To wear a colored jersey as the designated visiting team, Tech had to request permission from the TaxSlayer Bowl. NCAA rules specify that the visiting team will wear white jerseys (unless both teams agree to allow the home team to wear white, as is Tech’s custom) unless permission is granted.