Five SEC Meetings discussion topics

Five SEC Meetings discussion topics

1. Roster management

The issue: A broader reaching subject than "over-signing," coaches and administrators will discuss a hard cap on yearly scholarship allowances for football to 25 from December to August. Also, the SEC will address the practice of "grayshirting" (delayed enrollment), midyear enrollment, summer enrollment and medical disqualification process.

Comment: There's a battle brewing among coaches such as Mark Richt, who favor limitations, and Houston Nutt, Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier, who prefer more latitude. Some kind of legislation expected.

2. "Full cost" scholarship

The issue: Administrators will discuss providing student-athletes with a "cost of attendance" scholarship rather than an academic scholarship. A school would be allowed to provide a stipend for "incidental expenses" beyond room, board, books and meals, as has always been the custom. It is a proposal that has been on the books for many years but always tabled due to prohibitive costs for smaller programs. But SEC Commissioner Mike Slive and Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney, flush with money from TV deals, seem to believe it's time for "the haves" to take care of their own.

Comment: Probably still years from happening.

3. Basketball divisions and seeding

The issue: Many coaches want to see the SEC do away with the East-West component of seeding for the tournament, if not eliminating divisional play altogether. Last year, East teams were stronger than the West's but were ended up with inferior seedings in the tournament based on their divisional finishes. If divisional play continues, some coaches are asking that the teams be seeded 1-12 for the tournament based on record and RPI.

Comment: The ACC and Big 12 don't have divisions and neither does SEC women's basketball. Expect action to be taken and applied this coming season.

4. Third parties in recruiting

The issue: SEC football programs are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on recruiting and scouting services that provide video and information on prospects. Abuses were exposed at Oregon last season. The SEC is also looking to eliminate 7-on-7 football tournaments on their campuses.

Comment: Likely will eliminate 7-on-7s but unlikely to resolve scouting issue.

5. Show me the money

The issue: The highlight of every SEC spring meeting -- if you're a member at least -- is the annual check distributions to the schools. They'll also discuss future TV deals, bowl alliances, future revenue streams, etc.

Comment: The conference still has 12 years remaining on its TV deal with CBS and ESPN, so there's not likely any new ground here. The revenue share for each school ia expected to be in the neighborhood of $20 million. ... Leaders will also discuss limits on non-coaching personnel positions in football and basketball, playing 18 or more conference games in men's basketball and artificial noisemakers.

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