Favorite play: Todd Gurley, Georgia

Running back Todd Gurley

Gurley explained his favorite play from last season, a 29-yard touchdown run vs. Vanderbilt on Sept. 22:

Lining up for a straight-ahead power run out of the pistol formation, Gurley was too far off the line of scrimmage. “The hole shouldn’t have been open like it would be if I was closer up,” he said. But guard Chris Burnette pulled and opened a usable fissure in the Vandy line. From there, Gurley broke no fewer than five tackles, planting a poor safety with a ramrod stiff arm. It was the play that defined Gurley as an irresistible combination of power and speed. Afterward, in review sessions in the Bulldogs’ meeting room, the reaction was enthusiastic. “(Teammates) were like, ‘How did you do that?’” Gurley said. “I told them I had no idea. Guess it was one of those lucky plays.”