Falcons’ Desmond Ridder: I did a terrible job of taking care of the ball

LONDON -- Here’s what Falcons quarterback Desmond Ridder had to say after the 23-7 loss to the Jaguars at Wembley Stadium:

Q. What went wrong in today’s performance?

DESMOND RIDDER: “From the jump, the first play didn’t go as we planned. Throughout the first half, I did a terrible job of taking care of the ball. I had two picks obviously wish we could have back, one pick six. That changed the momentum huge of the game. So obviously looking back we got to find a way to start fast, so whatever that may be, however it is, that’s just what we got to do. Then I got to do a better job taking care of the ball.”

Q. Arthur [Head Coach Arthur Smith] said that this offense was pressing. Was there a moment where you felt the same?

DESMOND RIDDER: “Yeah, like we said, when we don’t get going early and fast, that’s when you feel the press. Then we came back into halftime, we regrouped, came back out and said, we got to do what we need to do. Came out that second half and was able to go down the field and get a touchdown and get some momentum back. Obviously that’s something we got to figure out how to do from the jump.”

Q. First time playing here in London. What did you think of the number of Falcons fans?

DESMOND RIDDER: “It was great. They come from London, anywhere in the world to be here to watch us. We thank them. We thank everyone that showed up and supported today. It was a great atmosphere and great place to play.”

Q. Looking at the week ahead, where do you want to improve the most?

DESMOND RIDDER: “Yeah, me personally, you know, get back in there, take control of the game plan, go in there and lead these guys. Don’t create any division of the team, and everyone and myself and just go out there and be a leader, be where I’m supposed to be, and get better at the end of the day.”

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