Alabama punishes students for leaving games early

University of Alabama officials have suspended block seating privileges of 20 student organization after some seating sections emptied out early during last week's game against Arkansas.

Officials told the suspensions will only be in effect during Saturday's game against Tennessee.

Leela Foley, the Student Government Association press secretary, said the SGA will not release the names of suspended groups.

However, the block seating suspension means the majority of the South end zone will be open for free-for-all student seating Saturday.

Alabama coach Nick Saban has been critical of fans leaving games early.

At the University of Georgia, just getting students to the game has been more of a concern.

According to The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 17,910 student tickets are available for each game but since 2009 the average turnout has been just 11,800.

"Needless to say that's a hole in our stadium," UGA athletics director Greg McGarity said in February. "We've sold the tickets to our students but they've not shown up."

The UGA athletic board is trying one solution this season: 2,000 tickets are made available to young alumni -- those who have graduated from the school within the past five years.

Georgia also encourages students to use all of their tickets or donate tickets back to the ticket office or an eligible student -- or face penalties through a point scale system.  Three penalty "strikes" for unused tickets in a season deem that student ineligible for postseason tickets and the following season's tickets.

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The Associated Press contributed to this article.