Piedmont Walton Hospital announces ‘Cookout for a Cause’ fundraiser

Things to know about Piedmont Healthcare

Piedmont announced on Monday that Piedmont Walton Hospital will be hosting “Cookout for a Cause” on Friday, Sept. 29. Taking place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the hospital’s new covered outdoor picnic space, the fundraiser will benefit the Women’s Service Fund in order to purchase a nursery transport bed with a stand-alone infant resuscitation system for the hospital.

“We hope the community will join us at the Cookout for a Cause and support our Women’s Services Fund as well as spend time with our frontline staff,” Piedmont Walton CEO Blake Watts said in a press release. “With the support of our sponsors, employees, and community donors, we continue to provide high-quality healthcare in Walton County with the most up-to-date equipment and software.”

The fundraiser will be presented by the Women’s Health and Wellness Clinic and will allow members of the community an opportunity to support a “project that will benefit the hospital’s smallest and most fragile patients.”

Piedmont Walton is a non-profit hospital, and consequently relies on donations to expand its health care services.

“The proceeds from the cookout will be used to offset the $50,000 cost of a nursery transport bed with a stand-alone infant resuscitation system,” according to a press release. “This piece of equipment will bring life-saving capabilities virtually anywhere in the hospital, providing fast, easy, integrated access to critical equipment needed for safe, effective resuscitation of newborns.”

Tickets to the fundraiser cost $15. T-shirts cost $20, and supporters can purchase a $30 “bundle” offer for both a ticket and a T-shirt. Sponsorship opportunities begin at $250 and reach as high as $5,000.

Businesses and individuals alike can sponsor, buy tickets and purchase shirts for “Cookout for a Cause” by visiting here.