Emoji keyboard for nurses launches on iOS

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Nurse.org has officially launched its Nurse Emoji Keyboard Stickers app on the Apple Store, and it’s free to download.

“In the first of its kind, the emoji keyboard was specifically designed with nurses in mind and went straight to the sources,” the organization reported. “All of the customized emoji designs came straight from nurses’ opinions and all the final designs were reviewed and approved by a panel of nurses!”

Available for iPhone and other Apple devices, the Nurse Emoji Keyboard Stickers app can be found in the Apple Store.

Once installed, the nurse-themed emojis will be present on iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SnapChat, text messaging and other messaging applications. There is another way to use the emojis as well.

“One of the cool features is that you can still use the emojis without turning on the Nurse Emoji Keyboard,” Nurse.org reported. “Simply click on the emoji you want to use, hit copy, and then paste it into a text message!”

The Nurse Emoji Keyboard Stickers app allows users to alternate between five different skin tones, as well as the “default emoji yellow.”

“There are emojis for everything including laughing, sleeping/tired, hungry, gossiping, and even bathroom breaks,” Nurse.org reported. “But let’s be honest — nurses rarely will get to use that one! In addition to the typical emojis, there are specific designs for travel nurses, student nurses, and even night shift nurses.”

The application also includes phrase support badges for coworker shout outs, credential badges to show off the user’s certifications and a variety of nurse-centric situational emojis to help users quickly explain their nursing shifts.