Here’s how to get 25% off NurseCon Orlando this year

You can join Nurse Blake in September or education, parties, adventures and more

It began as a cruise, but now it’s coming to the mainland. NurseCon is heading to Orlando, Florida, in September.

Advertised as the “ultimate nursing conference,” NurseCon was founded by social media star and RN Nurse Blake back in 2022. Over five days and four nights, the conference features more than 40 accredited CNE courses taught by nurse educators, theme park adventures, parties and more.

NurseCon comes with a $729 price tag, but is offering a 25% discount.

“With’s exclusive NurseCon discount code, the conference registration is less than $550 and includes a free after 2 p.m. theme park pass to Univeral (sic) Orlando,” according to the outlet.

“The standard conference pricing is $729 per person and does not include the theme park pass. Register now for only $99 down — flexible payment plans!’s 25% off offer ends on July 31, 2024.”

Those interested in participating in the limited-time offer can do so here.

Nurse Blake first grabbed public attention for his comedic takes on nursing. The registered nurse would go on to create NurseCon, which has ventured to the Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Mexico.

“I’ve been a nurse for 8 years now and I remember back when I was in nursing school I thought that the nursing community was being underserved by hospitals, large companies, and some nursing associations,” he told

“This led me to create NurseCon at Sea which is an annual nursing conference that takes place on a cruise ship. This started as a small idea and is now a conference that provides not only fun and a community, but high quality accredited nursing courses to attendees. We have 3 full-time DNP educators who lead over 20 instructors to provide CNEs during the conference. My favorite part of NurseCon at Sea is the amazing community. Unlike other conferences that focus on a specific specialty, we bring nurses together from all over the world of different ages, backgrounds, and specialties.”