Top 5 sunscreens dermatologists recommend for kids

Everyone 6 months and older should be wearing skin protection, experts say

Summer is around the corner, and as the sun’s rays grow stronger, it’s important to protect your children’s delicate skin. According to NBC, sunscreen is a nonnegotiable for all kids older than 6months, regardless of their skin tone.

Sunscreen “helps prevent sun damage that goes beyond painful sunburns and can reduce the risk of skin cancer later in life,” Dr. Rebecca Carter, a pediatrician at the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital, told the news network.

When choosing a sunscreen for your child, dermatologists recommend looking for mineral-based formulas with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, an SPF of at least 30 (though 50 or higher is ideal), and a cream or lotion consistency for better coverage. No matter which you use, always apply evenly and consistently.

If you’re looking for which brand to buy for your kiddo, consider these top five, as recommended by NBC, which consulted with dermatologists. From water-resistant options to gentle formulas, this list has you covered.

Blue Lizard

This mineral sunscreen is a favorite among experts for its “smart cap technology,” which means the cap turns pink in harmful UV light, reminding kids to apply it. It’s water-resistant, fragrance-free, and available in stick and lotion forms.

Banana Boat

With the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance, this sunscreen is suitable for kids with sensitive skin. It’s fragrance- and oil-free, and highly rated by users.

Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Sunscreen Stick

This hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and dye-free stick sunscreen is great for applying to noses, faces and even the scalp.

Babyganics Sunscreen Lotion

This mineral-based sunscreen offers SPF 50 protection and is tear-free and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for little ones.

Aveeno Kids Continuous Protection

Designed for children with sensitive skin, this mineral sunscreen lotion contains soothing oats and has a nongreasy, fragrance-free formula.

To maximize sun protection for your child, experts suggest staying in the shade, dressing your child in protective clothing and providing a covered area like a kid’s tent for breaks from direct sunlight.

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