Nursegrid app grows to become one of top nursing apps

The app hit 500,000 users this year

6 apps all nurses should have .In the past few years there’s been a huge increase in the development of mobile apps dedicated for nurses.Apps provide accuracy, efficiency and improves techniques and continues education. .Here are 6 apps al nurses should have: .MediBabble Translator.Nursing Central.Epocrates.MedScape.Adni (Gear and Resources for Nurses).SimpleNursing (NCLEX)

Nursegrid, a scheduling application and organizational tool for nurses, has grown increasingly popular this year. In December, Google search for “Nursegrid wrapped” was a breakout query. While the app designed to help health care heroes stay on top of their busy schedules did not provide a Spotify Wrapped-like experience this year, the company’s 2023 recap highlights what made this such an important year for the platform.

This year, Nursegird hit 500,000 users. The scheduling platform also introduced a new career companion service in 2023 — Nursegrid Learn. The service features training courses that are both ANCC accredited and state-board approved, allowing users to complete continued education.

“Nursegrid understands that being a nurse is more than just a job — it’s a way of life,” the company’s website says. “Our team created the #1 scheduling app for nurses so you can run your schedule, not the other way around. Today, we’re powered by the team at Healthstream, a trusted leader in healthcare, to expand what we can do for nurses and beyond.

“With over half a million nurses who use Nursegrid for everything from daily organization to advancing their careers, we’re turning stress into ‘yes!’ with all the resources nurses need to succeed.”

With a 4.9 rating across over 108,000 reviews in the App Store, the scheduling application has earned high praise from users.


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“I have enjoyed using nurse grid for the last 5 years!” Reviewer Enicram commented. “It has helped me to not miss a shift and make adjustments based on my employers schedule grid. I can just open up the app and adjust easily what is listed online. It also helps me keep track of the shifts I charge, precept, attend education, PTO, time off and of course payday. It’s a quick reference guide when called to ask if you can work extra!”