Jill Biden to launch program to mobilize women voters in Atlanta

First Lady Jill Biden will launch a national organization on Friday in Atlanta that aims to mobilize women behind President Joe Biden’s bid for a second term.

The Women for Biden-Harris initiative will also make stops in the key battlegrounds of Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin over the weekend.

Biden’s campaign said the organization will mobilize women volunteers across the nation with help from key surrogates. The initiative will focus on Biden’s support for abortion rights, firearms restrictions and other key proposals.

“Women put Joe in the White House four years ago, and women will do it again,” Jill Biden said in a statement. “In our communities, women are the organizers, the planners, the mobilizers. We get things done.”

Biden relied on a fragile coalition of liberals, moderates, independents and swing voters to narrowly capture Georgia in 2020, the first time a Democrat carried the state in nearly three decades.

Former President Donald Trump, Biden’s likely November opponent, has pledged to pour resources into the state to flip it back to the red column in 2024.