Watch AJC panel: What to expect on Election Day

Reporters answer questions for voters, including when we might know who won the election

The day Georgia voters have been waiting for is finally almost here.

Election officials are expecting about 2 million voters on Tuesday, and when combined with early and absentee voting, total turnout could reach as high as 6 million by the time all votes are counted.

Results will pour in after polls close, but close races might not be decided for days while election workers continue to count absentee ballots that arrived at the last minute.

Watch the replay of the AJC chat about what’s in store on Election Day, originally webcast on Thursday, Oct. 29, at 5 p.m.

AJC reporters Tia Mitchell, Mark Niesse and James Salzer discuss how voters can prepare for major races, long lines and vote counting.

Watch the conversation on the AJC’s Facebook page and YouTube account.


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