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FEBRUARY 28, 2013-ATLANTA: Public art Provocateur, Randy Osborne works on his "Letter A Day" project in his Inman Park apartment on Thurs. 28th, 2013. PHIL SKINNER / PSKINNER@AJC.COM

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FEBRUARY 28, 2013-ATLANTA: Public art Provocateur, Randy Osborne works on his "Letter A Day" project in his Inman Park apartment on Thurs. 28th, 2013. PHIL SKINNER / PSKINNER@AJC.COM editor's note: CQ.

Okefenokee is God’s gift, meant to safeguard

No one owns the Okefenokee. It’s a gift from God to all of us.

The Bible says man was meant to safeguard nature. It’s our place to protect the Okefenokee, not to use it for selfish gain.

I know I’m late submitting this, but there’s no statute of limitations on God’s word.


President Carter was best man to hold highest office

Why does Jason Carter repeatedly say that his grandfather is on his last legs, that the end is near? Think instead of the way that he lived his life, teaching Sunday school and building houses for those who otherwise would never have had one.

Of all the past presidents, he has been the most humane, always working to better the lives of those who really needed it. He is respected all over the United States and throughout most of the world. He might not have been the best president, but he was the best man to be president.

Let him live the rest of his life in peace; he is a man of great faith, but more than that, he lived his faith. Nothing better could be said of him. The nation and the world are better because of him.


Congressman misleads voters about ‘clean-energy economy’

In stunningly bogus promotion of his party’s “Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act,” U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter makes numerous claims contradicted by facts.

First, in his biased complaints, he conspicuously ignores evidence that corporate price-gouging has caused more than half of inflation.

Even more egregious is Carter’s artificial concern about policies that harm consumers. At the same time, his fellow partisans persist in defiantly promoting fossil-fuel-based energy, as recently proved by Georgia’s Public Service Commission.

Considering the pivotal, well-validated justifications for rapidly reducing combustion of those fuels because of their heat-trapping effects, that foolhardy PSC decision will impose heavy burdens on consumers and citizens alike, in both energy costs and increasing damages caused by climate change. Flooding, crop failures and health impairments — among other disastrous impacts — cost Americans at least $150 billion annually.

Conversely, Carter raves about Georgia’s “clean-energy economy” on the deceptive basis of producing batteries and electric vehicles — yet their benefits cannot be captured here since most of Georgia’s electricity is generated by burning polluting fuels.



Integrity declines when we ignore truth

We, the American people, can only blame ourselves for the decline in the integrity of what was once a great nation. When we choose not to hold elected officials accountable for serial lying, immorality, lack of respect for women or anyone who does not look like or think like us, and the rule of law, and putting our very democracy at risk, we can only blame ourselves.

In most cases, we are well aware of the truth. What is most heartbreaking of all is the world that our children and grandchildren will inherit through no fault of themselves.


Don’t let protestors dictate public functions

If Emory University’s decision to move its commencement ceremonies to Duluth were for “security reasons” (as Emory stated), the decision was the correct one.

However, if the true reason was to avoid protests (rather than threats of violence), the decision was inappropriate. In that case, Emory should have kept the commencement ceremonies on campus and employed security personnel (Atlanta police, private security or the National Guard) to prevent protesting or quell it once it started.

Emory, and society as a whole, should not let protesters dictate how individuals live or organizations function.