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Only investment in green energy will speed up its use

The guest editorial “Step up, Georgia: Ditch the fossil fuels” (AJC, April 18) continued the clarion call for a “transition” to green energy without regard for common sense. The writer, Steve Valk, called out the Public Service Commission for granting Georgia Power’s request to expand the use of fossil fuels to meet growing demand.

People of all political stripes support the development of green energy. However, green energy is sparse, impractical and expensive at present. We cannot speed the pace of technology by passing a burdensome tax or by drastically reducing our use of fossil fuels. Only investment in green energy will assist in a transition. That means climate change activists need to quit hectoring us and start funding stocks, mutual funds and angel investments in green energy companies.

Don’t blame the Public Service Commission and Georgia Power. They are doing the responsible job of ensuring that our hospitals, fire stations, businesses and homes have sufficient energy to keep operating.


Carbon cashback important for cooler future

The extreme heat impacting Atlanta during the summer cannot continue to be ignored and requires urgent attention. The heat is caused by climate change and is only made worse because Atlanta is an urban heat island. Besides making it uncomfortable to be outside, heat waves can also cause severe health consequences.

It is time for us to stop ignoring the effects of climate change and how our actions play a role in these effects and take steps to do better.

One of those steps includes supporting the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which would impose a fee on carbon. The money generated would be sent to families as carbon cashback payments.

I want Sen. Jon Ossoff to support H.R. 5744, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2023. We have to take action and create a better, cooler future.