Teacherbae is back, and drawing even more commentary

Teacherbae -- Atlanta school teacher Patrice Brown -- first gained attention with her wardrobe. PHOTO: PATRICIA BROWN/ INSTAGRAM

Credit: Nedra Rhone

Credit: Nedra Rhone

Teacherbae -- Atlanta school teacher Patrice Brown -- first gained attention with her wardrobe. PHOTO: PATRICIA BROWN/ INSTAGRAM

Teacherbae, the curvaceous Atlanta Public Schools teacher whose tight clothing caused a flurry of comments on social media, is back in the public eye.

This time she is not being criticized (or praised) for what she’s wearing, but something closer to home.

The comments are directed toward Patrice Brown,  who has almost a million followers on her Instagram page, which she signs “Teacherbae Patrice Brown M.Ed.” She is visibly pregnant on recent internet posts.

Patrice Brown's photos on Instagram have attracted almost a million followers, though her latest revelation has drawn criticism as well as congratulations. PHOTO: PATRICIA BROWN/INSTAGRAM

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Followers have been quick to congratulate the young teacher, except those who wonder where the husband is.

Commenting on Brown’s Instagram photo, a reader identified as mrpanamera83 wrote “somebody got boo thang pregnant. Congrats. Where the ring at though?”

A more cutting comment came from kareem.patton, who wrote “I hate when people celebrate single mothers in the black community single mother ism is killing our community.”

Brown has generally avoided responding to her critics online. Several attempts by the AJC to reach her for comment were unsuccessful.

She has briefly mentioned her relationship with the baby’s father in a Twitter post.

Others have jumped to Brown’s defense.  “wow i didn’t kno ppl could hate so hard,” wrote milah.jay


Several respondents mentioned the controversy around a series of Macy's advertisements that showed families in their Christmas pajamas, but failed to show a black family with a father present.

“Can anyone detect whats wrong w/this Macy's ad?” wrote Sir’us (Sir) Masters on Twitter.

Macy’s sent an apology to NewsOne that said the chain planned a “thorough discussion on how to be more thoughtful in the future.”

Some of Brown’s followers suggested that her posts help reinforce those negative messages.

Wrote dpc334: “this is why and how negative stereotypes of blacks are formed. All you see on IG are these single moms posting pics of their pregnancy or kid with no husband.”

Others pay more attention to Brown’s efforts for her schoolchildren, which have garnered praise.

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