Democratic mailer directed 6th District voters to wrong voting place

A recent mailer sent by the Democratic Party of Georgia to about 2,500 voters in Georgia's 6th Congressional District mistakenly directed them to the wrong polling location, an error the party says it is trying to fix ahead of Tuesday's runoff election.

A party spokesman said Friday the vendor who created the mailer got precincts wrong in its printing, directing voters in Cobb County who received the mailer to go vote at a location that’s actually in Fulton County. The voters who received the erroneous mailer have a Roswell mailing address but live in East Cobb, near the Fulton County line.

Election officials became aware of the problem when a voter contacted the Cobb office to alert them. Cobb officials then contacted their counterparts in Fulton.

Likely leading to the confusion is the fact that both counties have precincts with the same names.

Spokesman Michael Smith said the party has sent out a corrected mailer to those voters, and is also calling them to confirm that they have the correct information.

The mistake comes just days ahead of the nationally watched contest between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff.