Student arrested after school shooting in suburban Milwaukee

Unconfirmed reports of at least one injured

A student is in custody after exchanging gunfire with a school resource officer Monday morning at a suburban Milwaukee high school, the school district said.

Police in Waukesha tweeted about 11 a.m. that officers were responding to a "critical incident" at Waukesha South High School, The Associated Press reported.

The school resource officer opened fire at a student who allegedly had a gun and did not comply with an order, according to The New York Times.

At about 10 a.m. local time, the student brought a gun to Waukesha South High School and was confronted by the school resource officer, said the official, Terry Schuster, a spokeswoman for the School District of Waukesha. “He did not comply to hand over the gun.”

Terry Schuster, the public relations director for the Waukesha School District, she hasn’t heard of any injuries and did not know the condition of the school resource officer or the suspect, who is in custody. She said the school would issue a statement later.

The Waukesha Freeman reported that a male was put into an ambulance. Authorities have not released any information on who was taken to a hospital.

Students who streamed out of the school about 11:15 a.m. said there was an announcement about a drill and they began to take cover under desks and teachers barricaded doors. They told reporters outside the school they knew it wasn’t a drill when they heard two or three gunshots.

Waukesha, Wisconsin, is about 20 miles west of Milwaukee.