New York City subway rider turns in $10K he found in purse

A New York City commuter turned in $10,000 that he found in a purse on a subway platform Thursday morning, WABC reported.

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Richard Taverna, 63, saw a blue Chanel bag at Lincoln Center and picked it up, the television station reported.

"I picked it up to see if there was an identification so I could get it to the right person," Taverna said.

When he opened the bag, Taverna found an envelope with a hundred $100 bills.

"There was a big stack of money," Taverna told WABC.

There was a note written in Russian inside the bag, the New York Daily News reported. Taverna dropped it off at a nearby precinct around the same time that a woman, headed to Russia on vacation, reported the money missing, the newspaper reported.

To Taverna, returning the money was a no-brainer.

"It wasn't mine. If someone lost $10,000, they're probably going through a lot of distress," he told WABC.