Grieving family Christmas-shamed for opting out of neighborhood decorating tradition

When a family member dies, the last thing those left grieving want to deal with is decorating for the happiest time of the year.

But apparently that didn’t stop an anonymous person from Christmas-shaming one California family.

Lyndia Ives Zarra said her mother, who had hand-painted her Christmas decorations, died from cancer in October and because of her sadness, she decided this wasn't the year to put up the outside holiday decor, KTXL reported.

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Zarra, however, lives in a neighborhood with streets called Candy Cane Lane and Lollipop Lane.

She said someone left her family a letter, allegedly calling the Zarra family Scrooges for not taking part in the annual decoration tradition. The letter says living on Candy Cane Lane and Lollipop Lane is a privilege and that not decorating will not be tolerated, calling the family rude and selfish, KTXL reported.

The letter was not signed with a name, but rather, “the Entire City of Vacaville, Surrounding Communities, Residents of Lollipop Lane, Residents of Candy Cane Lane, Our Family, Our Friends, Everyone.”

Zarra posted the letter on a community Facebook page where she received support and well-wishes from other social media users.