Florida man stabs roommate over 'sloppy living habits'

A man is accused of stabbing his roommate because he was annoyed with the roommate's living habits, police said.

Police in Melbourne, Florida, responded early Wednesday to a home after the suspect called 911 and said he had just murdered someone.

"I just killed somebody," the 911 caller said.

When the dispatcher asked the caller what they killed the person with, the caller laughed and said, "Different things."

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The dispatcher then asked the caller, "Who did you kill?" The caller laughed again and said, "I'm not going to tell you."

Police found a man on the floor of the home with several stab wounds.

The suspect, Anthony Cannone, 63, told officers that he was tired of his roommate and decided to try to kill him, police said.

The report said Cannone expressed "Displeasure of his roommate and living habits."

Cannone is facing an attempted murder charge.