This is Georgia’s best ramen, according to Yelp reviews

Ramen broth is usually made from a blend of two stocks, making it among the most complex soups. Ramen used to be considered a luxury item because it was cheaper to buy fresh noodles than instant ones. In Japan, there are at least 22 styles of ramen. Momofuku Ando invented instant ramen around 1958. The noodle length inside an instant ramen packet is 167.323 feet, or as long as three basketball courts.

Noodles, broth, meat and more … there is so much to love about ramen. searched Yelp to find the best ramen in every state. The methodology was pretty straightfoward: "We gathered a bunch of data through Yelp's API to find the top three most reviewed ramen restaurants," Mindy Woodall wrote.

The runners-up in Georgia were Akedo in Savannah and Korea House in Duluth.

But the clear winner was Jinya Ramen Bar, with 4.5 stars and, at the time of the analysis, 581 reviews (now at 602 reviews).

The first metro Atlanta location of Jinya opened in 2016 in Sandy Springs, with a second location following in Buckhead. Other locations are set to open this year at Alpharetta City Center and at Plaza on Ponce.

“The fact that I gave this place a four out of five is pretty big just because I'm not a fan of Japanese ramen!” Julia P. of Suwanee wrote on Yelp. “My ramen also came with the thick noodles. I THINK I LOVE THICK NOODLES. They were so chewy and good! Would definitely go back and get this ramen again!”

And Sepi Z. of Atlanta wrote: “I got the spicy chicken ramen with ‘spicy’ level of heat and it was delicious!! It wasn't very spicy to me so I added a ton of the hot sauce that is placed at the table. If you still have a lot of broth left, you can add more noodles to eat there or take home with you for only $2.95!”

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Jinya was also the best ramen in Texas and was a runner-up in Oklahoma.

Nationwide, the most reviewed ramen bar was Totto’s Ramen Bar in New York City, with 5,629 reviews when did its analysis.

Slurpin’ Ramen Bar in Los Angeles had a 4.5 rating with 3,624 reviews, which was No. 2 in the country.

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