One-time Nazi now an Athens mom: ‘I hated everybody’

Many of the faces of the white-power demonstrators in Charlottesville were those of young people. But how do young Americans become young American Nazis?

Are far-right parents indoctrinating their kids to believe in and fight for white supremacy? In some cases, perhaps. More likely, experts say, is that some teenagers embrace hate groups because they feel as if they have few other options. Hate groups provide a sense of belonging, a sense that members are part of something.

Shannon Martinez of Athens is now 43 and the mother of seven children. But when she was a teenager, Martinez says, she never felt as if she fit in.

"I hated everybody," Martinez said. "To be a part of a hate group, all I had to say was 'I hate black people, I hate Jews and I hate non-whites.' That was the price of admission. I was a white-power skinhead."

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