Man sentenced to life in ‘cruel’ fatal attack in Cherokee

Brackus Golden pleaded guilty in the killing of Kevin Misidi, a man who fathered a child with the same woman he also fathered a child with, officials said.

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Brackus Golden pleaded guilty in the killing of Kevin Misidi, a man who fathered a child with the same woman he also fathered a child with, officials said.

A man was sentenced to prison Friday in the brutal 2022 assault and fatal shooting of a man at the Cherokee County home of his former girlfriend, officials said.

Brackus James Golden, 26, entered a non-negotiated guilty plea to charges of murder, home invasion, aggravated assault, kidnapping with bodily injury, aggravated battery, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, family violence battery, aggravated assault by strangulation and third-degree cruelty to children. He was sentenced to life, plus 20 years, in the death of Kevin Misidi, said Cyndi Crossland, spokeswoman for the county’s district attorney’s office.

During the Friday hearing, Assistant District Attorney Kelly Chavis explained how Golden had an on-and-off relationship with a woman with whom he and Misidi each fathered a child.

“This defendant asked the court to have mercy on him during his sentencing, but he showed no mercy for the life of Kevin Misidi when he executed him and left him to die on a sidewalk,” District Attorney Susan Treadaway said.

Golden had attacked and threatened Misidi, 25, and the woman before the fatal shooting, authorities said.

The first encounter reported to police happened on Dec. 10, 2021, when Golden attacked Misidi, placing him in a chokehold as he left a doctor’s office with the woman, Crossland said. At the time, the woman was pregnant with Misidi’s child.

Golden fled from police, but was later arrested and charged with strangulation.

In the months leading up to the fatal shooting, officials said Golden sent Misidi “ominous texts” that suggested someone was going to die. At one point, Golden even strangled the woman while her children were present, Crossland added.

On June 5, 2022, Golden showed up at the woman’s house when her two kids and Misidi were also there. He demanded that Misidi step outside to speak to him and then got a firearm from his car and shot at Misidi, according to authorities. A bullet went through the window, striking a TV.

Misidi retreated with the woman and kids into a bedroom in the back of the home, but Golden broke in through a window and found them, Crossland said. He then attacked the woman and Misidi.

“He hit (Misidi) while he held one of the children, causing him to drop the little boy. He struck the woman multiple times in the face and pummeled (Misidi) to the point that he lost consciousness,” Chavis said. “He was brutal, cruel and clearly intent on murder.”

Golden is accused of then dragging Misidi by the hair out of the home and onto the sidewalk. It was then that he fatally shot him, Crossland said.

A day after the shooting, Marietta police located Golden in his Mazda parked in front of a Checkers along Cobb Parkway. Officers said they found a pistol and ammunition that matched the rounds discovered at the crime scene.