2021 Atlanta Homicides: A Deadly Year

After a historically deadly 2020, when Atlanta authorities investigated more homicide cases than they had in decades, 2021′s case count was higher.

Investigators worked 158 cases last year, a dispiriting tally. The city hasn’t seen this many homicide cases in a single year since 1996, the year of the deadly Centennial Olympic Park bombing.

Journalists on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s crime and public safety team cover fatal shootings, stabbings and beatings with depressing regularity, but we don’t consider this work routine. Today’s coverage in a special e-paper section shares not only the grim numbers but the stories behind them, and city leaders’ plans for combatting the violence.

"Homicide victims are not statistics.
They are people who had family, co-workers and friends."

John Spink, photojournalist


What it's like documenting homicide investigations

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