Masked thief steals drugs in Johns Creek pharmacy break-in

Someone broke into a Johns Creek pharmacy through an adjacent business earlier in April, and although the man attempted to disrupt the video system while stealing drugs, footage was captured of the masked intruder, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The break-in started in a medical equipment business next door to Prestige Pharmacy on McGinnis Ferry Road, the news station reported.

“They burrowed a whole through the back door and then through the other side of the bathroom,” said Emma Young, owner of the medical equipment business. “It was a mess.”

Police Capt. Chris Byers said the thief went right for strong drugs.

“He knew exactly what he wanted, exactly what he was in the market for,” Byers said, “and he was looking for those specific Schedule I narcotics.”

Detectives think the burglar plans to sell the stolen drugs on the black market.

“We always take these things extremely serious,” Byers said, “and try to keep these things off the street.”

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