‘Breakdown’ Episode 26: The Forewoman Emerges

Credit: Miguel Martinez

Credit: Miguel Martinez

A podcast interview with Emily Kohrs, forewoman of the Fulton County special purpose grand jury

In a lengthy interview, Emily Kohrs, forewoman of the Fulton County special purpose grand jury, says the panel has recommended indictments.

“It’s not a short list,” Kohrs, 30, said.

Kohrs first emerged in an article published by The Associated Press the morning of Feb. 21. Hours later, she sat down for an interview at the offices of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She would later sit for TV interviews.

In Episode 26 — “The Forewoman Emerges” — of Breakdown’s ninth season, “The Trump Grand Jury,” we hear Kohrs discuss the special grand jury investigation of possible criminal meddling with the 2020 presidential election.

Kohrs talks about certain witnesses who appeared before the panel and reveals information never made public before.

Drew Findling and Jennifer Little, Atlanta lawyers representing former President Donald Trump, also sit for an interview and criticize Kohrs for the comments she made and District Attorney Fani Willis for the way she has conducted the investigation.

“This type of carnival clown-like atmosphere that was portrayed over the course of the last 36 hours takes away from the complete sanctity and the integrity and, for that matter, the reliability,” Findling said of the special grand jury.

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