Atlanta responds with mostly gripes to Trump’s late Friday visit to CDC

The grumbles related were to traffic and confusion about his visit

In a span of a few hours, President Donald Trump’s trip to Atlanta to address the emerging coronavirus went from on to off − to on, again.

Shortly after 3:30 p.m., Air Force One was spotted landing in Marietta at Dobbins Air Reserve Base.

The reports about the certainty of Trump’s trip were muddled Friday morning when the commander-in-chief’s official calendar looked to be without an Atlanta pit stop. Both his trip to Nashville, assessing tornado damage, and his seemingly personal trip to Mar-a-Lago, were visible on the calendar.

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Friday morning, Trump told the media that he would cancel the visit because someone at the CDC suspected they had the virus, but the visit was placed back on his schedule after the individual was tested and it came back negative.

The indecision did not go over well with some residents.

Upon his arrival, some found issue with his choice to visit during Atlanta’s known Friday afternoon rush hour. Several commuters reported that their typical gridlock Friday seemed particularly immovable.

A few thought fast before the president and his team arrived, leaving work ahead of the melee.

A handful of folks found a little light at the end of the tunnel, since they could casually see Air Force One land near their offices and homes.

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