Population in Atlanta: How large is metro Atlanta?

Credit: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Credit: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

How large is metro Atlanta?

By the count of the U.S. Census Bureau, it’s 29 counties and more than 6 million people as of 2019 estimates.

The region tracked by the Atlanta Regional Commission, the region’s planning agency, is 10 counties -- soon to be 11 -- and home to an estimated 4.6 million.

The 10 current counties in the ARC region are: Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry and Rockdale. Forsyth County is being added to the region in 2021.

Fulton County, which includes the city of Atlanta is the region’s largest county, but Gwinnett County has the state’s largest school district.

Here is the population by county:

  • Cherokee County: 269,500
  • Clayton County: 288,900
  • Cobb County: 774,600
  • DeKalb County: 758,230
  • Douglas County: 147,000
  • Fayette County: 119,400
  • Fulton County: 1,049,470
  • Gwinnett County: 941,300
  • Henry County: 246,800
  • Rockdale County: 96,800
  • City of Atlanta: 478,200

Metro Atlanta is the nation’s 9th largest, just behind Philadelphia and just ahead of Phoenix, according to the Census Bureau.

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A Decade of Growth

Population growth of core Atlanta area counties and the city of Atlanta from 2010 to 2019:

City of Atlanta: 12%

Cherokee: 22.6%

Clayton: 9.4%

Cobb: 11.4%

DeKalb: 8.8%

Douglas: 9.4%

Fayette: 10.7%

Forsyth: 34.8%

Fulton: 12.7%

Gwinnett: 15%

Henry: 18.1%

Rockdale: 12.3%

Sources: Atlanta Regional Commission estimates and the U.S. Census Bureau

Compiled and updated by Brian O’Shea