Metro Atlanta races bring more Democratic gains in suburbs

Votes continued to be counted across metro Atlanta on Wednesday, as several key local races remained in the balance.

Results available as of press time are listed below. Keep in mind they may be incomplete and are unofficial until certified.

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Referendum: A measure to create of a new City of Atlanta homestead exemption for homes on land owned by community land trusts appeared poised to pass.


Sunday alcohol sales: Voters approved a measure allowing by-the-drink alcohol sales starting at 11 a.m. on Sundays.


Sheriff: Democrat Craig Owens ousted incumbent Republican Neil Warren.

Commission Chair: Democrat Lisa Cupid ousted incumbent Republican Mike Boyce.

Commission District 2: Democrat Jerica Richardson appeared poised to top Republican Fitz Johnson.

School Board District 1: Incumbent Republican Randy Scamihorn appeared to defeat Democrat Vickie Benson.

School Board District 5: Incumbent Republican David Banks appeared to defeat Democrat Julia Hurtado.

School Board District 7: Incumbent Republican Brad Wheeler appeared to defeat Democrat Lindsay Terrebonne.

District Attorney: Democrat Flynn D. Broady Jr. appeared to defeat incumbent Republican Joyette Holmes.

Clerk of Superior Court: Democrat Connie Taylor appeared to defeat incumbent Republican Rebecca Keaton.

SPLOST referendum: Voters approved a measure to extend the county’s 1% Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for six more years.


Commission District 1: Incumbent Republican Nancy Jester conceded Wednesday morning in her race against Democrat Robert Patrick.

Sheriff: Incumbent Democrat Melody Maddox bested Republican challenger Harold Dennis by a wide margin.

Ethics referendum: The proposed changes to county ethics legislation passed by a dramatic margin.


School Board District 1: Incumbent Democrat Devetrion Caldwell defeated Republican Francisco X.R. Artley.

School Board District 5: Republican Glenn T. Easterwood ousted incumbent Democrat Rita Fasina-Thomas.

Tax Commissioner: Incumbent Democrat Greg Baker beat Republican Michael R. Richardson Jr.

Clerk of Superior Court: Democrat Annetta Danley Stembridge ousted incumbent Republican Tammy M. Howard.

Referendum: A referendum allowing the county to utilize tax allocation districts gained passage.


Sheriff: Incumbent Republican Barry Babb defeated Democrat Chris Pigors.

Commission District 1: Incumbent Republican Eric Maxwell topped Democrat Vickie Butler.

Commission District 5: Incumbent Republican Charles Oddo held off Democrat William Lightle.

School Board District 1: Republican Randy Hough topped Democrat Candice Aaron.


Commission District 2: Incumbent Republican Bob Ellis had a late lead over Democrat Justin Holsomback.

Commission District 4: Incumbent Democrat Natalie Hall appeared to defeat Republican Barbara Gresham.


Commission Chair: Democrat Nicole Love Hendrickson bested Republican David Post.

Commission District 1: Democrat Kirkland Carden bested Republican Laurie McClain.

Commission District 3: Democrat Jasper Watkins III bested Republican Ben Archer.

Sheriff: Democrat Keybo Taylor beat Republican Luis Solis Jr.

District Attorney: Incumbent Republican Danny Porter was ousted by Democrat Patsy Austin-Gatson.

Tax Commissioner: Democrat Tiffany Porter beat incumbent Republican Richard Steele.

School Board District 1: Democrat Karen Watkins ousted incumbent Republican Carole Boyce.

School Board District 3: Incumbent Republican Mary Kay Murphy had a narrow lead over Democrat Tanisha Banks.

ESPLOST referendum: A vote to extend the county’s 1% education-funding sales tax for another five years appeared set to pass.

Transit referendum: The “no” votes had a slim, late lead in the referendum that, if approved, would opt residents into a new 30-year, 1% sales tax to pay for a dramatic expansion of transit in the county.


Sheriff: Democrat Reginald Scandrett defeated Republican Jack Redlinger.

Commission Chair: Democrat Carlotta Harrell defeated incumbent Republican June Barnes Wood.

County Commission District 2: Incumbent Democrat Dee Clemmons beat Republican challenger Steve Richardson.

Superior Court Clerk: Democrat Sabriya Hill ousted incumbent Republican Barbara Harrison.


Commission chair: Republican incumbent Dave Carmichael beat Democratic challenger Taurus Madric-Morris.

School Board (At-Large): Republican incumbent Jeff Fuller defeated Democrat Selena Jackson Guines.

School Board District 1: Republican incumbent Theresa Lyons beat Democrat Omassis Mendonca.

Referendum: A proposal to create a Paulding State Court passed.


Commission District 3: Incumbent Democrat Rita Johnson defeated Republican challenger Tyler Brannon.